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About Us

Vomiting Bunnies is the first musical project that Vale and Jörg share. They are a couple of musicians and audiovisual artists from Argentina, who started working together as sound designers. This peculiar duo tries to develop and communicate their artistic freedom through a mix of pop music, trip-hop, vintage synths and soft rock, with a cold experimental sound.

They have a great hunger for every type of knowledge and creativity. Vale has always loved maths, science and languages as well as music, philosophy and cinema. Jörg carries the surname Singh, for he comes from a partly Indian family. He has inherited his curiosity from his adventurous marine grandfather. That is usually reflected in Jörg’s various artistic expressions from music to painting, photography and filmmaking.


Our Music


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Support Us

As you may already know, we are a couple of musicians and filmmakers, uncontrollably passionate about making art. Some time ago, we decided to invest every penny in our dream so that our songs are better, sound better and more people can enjoy the day or week listening to them. Our goal is to bring something positive into the world through our art. If you want to join us in this small-great contribution to society, you can invite us for a coffee and we will be one step closer to achieving it! 😉

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